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Winter activities


 See the 2016/17 curling activities for the different leaques and activities.

Cost: Loonie Sports Club members and curling fee

Youth Curling and Adult Curling Instructions are available at the LoonieSportsClub

Heather Moyse Winter Slide

The new snow/ice slide will be for Loonie Sports Club members only and slide will be used at the member’s own risk. There will be special days set up for the slide when the conditions are right and the slide is groomed. We hope to declare champions for the season:  fastest, best wipeout and best-dressed member slider. Sliders and watchers will be asked to donate time or fees to the maintence and up-keep of the slide

Cost: Loonie Sports Club membership and your time or fee

Billiards and Darts

Tuesday nights after curling will be a time to practice your billiard and dart skills. If the Loonie Sports club members are interested in a billiard and/or dart game, it will be set up.  It can be arranged for teams or single competition. Billiard/dart players are asked to organize and maintain the equipment.

Cost: Loonie Sports Club membership

Outdoor rink

As conditions allow we hope to curl & skate on the 50-foot outdoor surface.. Music is now available outdoors and hopefully lighting for those late night’s skating partys. Those wishing to use the 50-foot surface for curling or skating will be asked to help prepare the surfaces beforehand.

Cost: Loonie Sports Club membership

Community Fun night

 It is the Loonie Sports Club’s hope that one or more fun nights can be arranged in the blue house These nights could include a pot luck dinner, games, including cards and community get together. Only the members can make these nights interesting and enjoyable for all.

Cost: Loonie Sports Club membership and potluck food.