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Sunday Adult Curling Instruction this fall

At the Loonie Sports Club, please sign up your intent on curling form

October 30 at 2:00pm

 - Curling 101 Clinic (one (1) hour)

Introduction and tour of the Loonie Sports Club and what we have to offer to new club members in the way of equipment, activities and social fun. A short discussion on what is curling and how it is played. This is an ideal format for the public to understand what is curling and the Loonie Sports Club.

November 6 at 2:00pm and if needed 7:00pm

- Learn to Curl Clinic (two (2) hours)

This clinic is a brief session for curlers who have never been on the ice before and want to feel what curling is all about. It is an ideal format to teach new curlers how to deliver rocks safely. Included is a brief 2-end game. The ratio of students to instructors is 8:1.

November 13 at 1:00pm Pot Luck 5:00pm if needed 6:00pm

- Curling Basics Clinic (four (4) Hour)

This clinic is the most popular of all “new curler” clinics. It teaches new curlers all the basics of the game, including the delivery techniques and brushing. This is also an ideal format to be used by clubs as an annual refresher for all interested members. The ratio of students to qualified instructors is 8:1.Because of the length of the clinic and the intensity of the work involved, it is followed or started with a pot luck meal.

November 27 at 2:00pm and if needed 7:00pm

- Stick Clinic (two (2) hour

The stick was invented and refined by curlers who wanted to continue to play but were physically unable to use the traditional slide delivery. This clinic can be offered to new curlers, and involves orientation to the game, equipment, rules, etiquette, brushing and delivery technique. It would be helpful for seasoned curlers who are converting from the traditional slide delivery. A maximum instructor ratio of 8:1 students is recommended.

December 4 at 2:00pm

- Ethics, Rules and Etiquette Discussion

This workshop discussion is aimed at presenting an Ethical approach. The basic rules of play and game etiquette are discussed using various scenarios.  In addition the topics of “Fair Play”, “Discrimination in Sport” and “Harassment” should be reviewed.

Other Sunday Adult Curling Topics

A) Basic Strategy, B) Intermediate Strategy, C) Advanced Strategy
Details of the Strategy discussion will depend on the knowledge level of the group. Often times the skill level is varied with both competitive and novice curlers in the same group. For that reason we will have to decide what to discuss with the group and determining where their interests lie and the extent of their knowledge. There are 12 strategy modules available ranging from the very basics of strategy and tactics, to pre-competitive, game and end plans to the most recent terminology of probe, protect and pursue. The Drag Effect, the Dice Game and angles and doubles are also favorite modules.

Home Video Analysis Clinic

It starts a brief classroom review of the delivery basics. Then after some practice time each curler is given one-on-one time using the V1Home video analysis. The curler sees his/her delivery on video right on the ice is given corrections and immediately tries to make those corrections and delivers again. Because of the time spent on the ice and the cost of the equipment involved, this clinic is limited to a class size.